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  • Skeleton Kite 31ft. Pirate
    The Skeleton Kites from Premier are quite unusual. They are concipated for light to medium winds and are offering a fantastic view, when the body of the skeleton will begin to flow in the air.
    279,00 € *
  • Sigma Spirit 3.0
    The Spirit 3.0 from Elliot is the power-kite of the Spirit series. It takes much effort to keep this kite under control, so you have to be an experienced pilot.
    139,00 € *
  • Mega Macaw
    Premier Kites
    Mega Macaw
    A real eye catcher in 3D from Premier Kites. The design for the parrot is from Steffen Gaubatz. The parrot flies without a lifter kite.
    RRP 769,00 € 639,00 € *
  • Riviera Snake Wheel
    Into the Wind
    Riviera Snake Wheel
    The Snake Wheels are also known with the german name "Knüpferschlange". A real classic! The Snake Wheel needs a powerful lifter kite.
    179,00 € *
  • Giant Dragon
    Giant Dragon
    The Giant Dragon is a bigger version of the classic 3D Dragon. This 3D kite is convincing with it´s detailed replica and it´s good flying behavior. The simple assembly stands for itself.
    84,90 € *
  • Petite windmill donkey
    Premier Kites
    Petite windmill donkey
    The Petite windmills belong to an extremely high quality wind turbine series which enjoys great popularity in the US
    19,90 € *
  • Jet Stream Reloaded
    The Jet Stream was completely redesingned and is now available as Reloaded version.
    139,90 € *
  • Sergeant Major Fish Windsock
    These fish windsocks inflate with the slightest breeze and have a unique three-dimensional shape.They work great on porches, decks, tree branches, flag poles or any place around the home where you want to add a colorful accent.
    44,90 € *
  • Pirate Kite Gebro
    Kite with pirate design with low pull. Perfect for kids!
    RRP 7,90 € 3,95 € *
  • Eddy mole with shovel
    The Eddy from Elliot you the most classic kite form. You can get the Elliot Eddy in different designs.
    17,90 € *
  • Rokkaku Rainbow Orbit Bubbles
    The Rokkaku Kite Rainbow Orbit Bubbles by Premier Kites impresses with its design and is instantly seen in the sky.
    159,00 € *
  • Stand Off holder
    Stand Off holder made of soft rubber.
    0,70 € *
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