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Build the heart kite!

Build the heart kite!
It is easy to build and you don´t need many material for it.
René Maier have made wonderful building instructions and plans on his site windhau.ch, you can get the building instructions direct from his site as downloadable PDF file.
He also have made printable templates in DIN A4 and DIN A3.

For 2 heart kites you will need:

- approxx. 1,3m Skytex 27
- 4 fiberglass rods wrapped 1,2 x 2000mm
- 12 end caps 1,2mm
- 10cm stripe of number cloth
- Climax Blackline 10kg line for bridle and flying
- 24g of curtain weight lead


  • Spinnaker „Skytex 27“
    Very high quality nylon spinnaker, 27g/sqm, usable width approx158cm, coated on both sides, very low stretch. up to 10 colors
    11,90 € *
  • Fiberglass rod wrapped
    Solid, full wound fiberglass rods for stand-offs or battens. More flexible than carbon fiber.
    from 1,10 € *
  • End cap
    The end caps are made of soft rubber and serve as protection from sharp ends of the carbon or fiberglass rods.
    from 0,09 € *
  • Number cloth (self-adhesive dacron)
    Adhesive cloth for reinforcing high stress point, width 138cm, weight 170gr./sqm.Available in black or white
    27,90 € *
  • Climax Blackline
    A specially developed cord for single line kites which is woven fine and round.
    from 6,90 € *