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Build an Eddy

A classic Eddy kite is easy to build, your kids will love it!


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  • Aluminium rings
    This rings are used for bridles etc.. The rings are welded.
    from 0,15 € *
  • Beechwood
    Wood rods for classic kites. Due to the low price, ideal for workshops. Top quality! Knot-free and very smooth milled.
    0,80 € *
  • Building instructions
    Different building instructions, e.g. the legendary "Speedwing" from Handkerchief. Easy instructions with pictures and good descriptions. Written in german language! Shipping costs for single orders 2,00 €
    4,00 € *
  • Cyclone Baseline PES
    Good all round cord made of 100% polyester, high elongation, high resistance to abrasion.
    from 4,65 € *
  • Eddy crossjoint
    The Eddy crossjoints have a special angle for classic eddy kites.
    from 0,60 € *
  • EXEL split nock
    Split nocks are attached to the end of a rod, so you can mount a bridle or rubber to the end of the rod.
    from 0,55 € *
  • GFK-Tape
    Fiberglass reinforced tape, perfect for taping sleeves to rods. Also very useful to reinforce parts and ends of rods.
    6,50 € *
  • HQ spool with line and hook
    Plastic spool with line and "easy clip" for easy assembly without need of a knot. Lenght ~40, breaking load ~17kp
    2,90 € *
  • Line on plastic grip
    Turned dacron line on plastic grip for small children kites e.g. eddy kites or sleds.
    1,30 € *
  • Ramin wood
    Wood rods for classic kites. Due to the low price, ideal for workshops. Our ramin wood is FSC certificated and imported with an import permit.
    from 1,50 € *
  • Swivel snap hook
    Small snap hook with swivel. Perfect for untwisting flying lines which are stroed on spooles or small non-rotating windgames.
    from 0,90 € *
  • Tyvek
    White, paper-like fiber-reinforced non-woven material. Tyvek can be cut and paint well, very suitable for workshops. Width approx. 150cm, weight approx. 45gr/sqm.
    from 4,80 € *
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