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  • Buggy V-Max II
    The V-Max II is the revised and improved version of the V-Max.
    from 780,00 € *
  • Buggy V-Max II Strong
    The V-Max II Strong is the revised and improved version of the V-Max.
    from 860,00 € *
  • Buggy Dragster
    The Dragster impresses with its extremely stable and robust frame construction and its uncompromisingly designed for racing racing geometry.
    from 1.299,00 € *
  • Buggy  Truck II
    The Libre Truck II is based on the V-Max II and was extended with BigFoot / light tires and Z-drawbar with BigFoot / light front fork.
    from 1.045,00 € *
  • Buggy Super Truck II
    The Super Truck II is based on the Libre Fullrace.
    from 1.150,00 € *
  • Majestic
    Together with the world's best Buggy pilots we created the new Majestic. High speed and maneuverability are achieved through an extremely rigid frame design.
    from 1.870,00 € *
  • Zebrakites Buggy
    After the Zebra Z1 as well as the Zebra Z2 have set up successfully in the intermediate and high-end sector, now ZEBRA has put a Buggy on the market.
    from 550,00 € *