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Accessories & Spare parts

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  • Front fork set BigFoot light, Type II, 20mm axle
    The complete set to upgrade your Libre Buggy to BigFoot light front wheel.
    404,70 € *
  • Steering head bolt
    The steering bolt connects the Libre downtube with the Libre front fork.
    8,70 € *
  • Plastic fittings, set of 2
    Plastic fittings for the downtube to connect downtube with front fork. Used for Libre V-Max or compatible buggys.
    8,50 € *
  • Teflon washer
    The Teflon washer is used for downtubes with ball bearings. Mounted between downtube and fork it is possible to adjust the steering strenght with it.
    7,40 € *
  • Libre trailer coupling
    The trailer coupling can be used to tow another buggy, which will be connected with the foot rests.
    from 67,00 € *
  • Walk of Shame line
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Walk of Shame line
    Driven too much at the "reaching" course and nothing goes at the "closed-hauled" course now? Then you need the "Walk of Shame" Line.
    12,50 € *
  • Elliot Mud Guard for Virus
    The mud guard fits perfect to the front fork of the Virus buggy and will mounted with the steering bolt. It protects much better than the regular splash guard.
    59,00 € *
  • Libre Buggy bag
    Sturdy travel bag for kite buggys. Makes transport simple an keeps the car clean.
    from 94,00 € *
  • Libre Big Foot travel bag
    Useful bag made of sturdy tarp for transporting Big Foot tyres. Perfect to transport dirty tyres without getting your car dirty.
    58,00 € *
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