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Accessories & Spare parts

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  • Buggysitz Competition XR+
    As replacement for the Buggysitz Competition XR+
    95,00 € *
  • Buggy bag
    Buggy bag
    Buggy back pack for kites, lines etc. Made of sturdy water repellent nylon with a reinforced ground plate.
    53,50 € *
  • Buggy seat Libre V-Max II
    High quality buggy seat from Libre, matching for the V-Max II or buggys with similar dimensions.
    142,00 € *
  • Buggy seat Libre FullRace
    High quality buggy seat from Libre, matching for the FullRace or buggys with similar dimensions.
    from 169,00 € *
  • Libre seat cover
    from 66,00 € *
  • Seat tube upholstery
    Original Libre side tubes upholstery made of sturdy nylon for V-Max or FullRace.
    52,00 € *
  • Splash guard nylon black
    The splash guard is mounted below the downtube and offers the driver and buggy protection from dirt and wetness.
    from 15,00 € *
  • Tuning-Kit
    With this seat tube extensions the buggy will drive better and more stable due to the longer wheelbase.
    from 55,00 € *
  • Front fork BigFoot
    Single front fork for upgrading your buggy to BigFoot / BigFoot light wheel. Matching for Libre Buggys.
    from 190,00 € *
  • Z-Downtube
    The Z-Downtube will be used together with BigFoot front fork, to avoid to get the center of gravity from the buggy too high.
    121,00 € *
  • Libre foot rest V-Max II
    Foot rest for V-Max II, with stud for front forks with type II connection plate.
    from 38,50 € *
  • Front fork set BigFoot light, Type II, 20mm axle
    The complete set to upgrade your Libre Buggy to BigFoot light front wheel.
    404,70 € *
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