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Dyneema 100m

Good allround dyneema at an affordable price! Low stretching, very good line for stuntkites.

210kg, 100m Roll
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Item #: 15809
This item is currently not available.
Dyneema compared to polyester is much more thinner and als the stretch is much more lower.
If you are flying stuntkites this is an advantage because your steering commands will be sent much more direct to the kite.
You can use this line also for single line kites at ultra light wind.

Available in following sizes:

LoadDiamaterBraid LoadDiameter.Braid
22,2kg0,25mm6 times 140kg1,2mm16 times
45,3kg0,35mm12 times 175kg1,3mm12 times
78kg0,6mm8 times 180kg1,5mm12 times
110kg0,85mm12 times 210kg1,5mm12 times
Breaking load 22,5 to 210kg
Diameter 0,25 to 1,5mm
Colour white
Length aproxx 100m

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