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Cyclone X-trem

Top Dyneema, which is pre-loaded with 90% of their capacity and therefore has little stretch. In addition, the fiber is finished with Fibretec and SCPS.

170kg, 100m Roll
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Item #: 15857

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

The top-line for advanced kiters.The first kite line, with the extremely complex Fibretec ® method is post.
This usually only needed for the offshore sector increased strength of construction and the resulting radically reducedexpansion make it an absolute high-performance product.
SCPS and the additional Cyclone impregnation is also applied.

  • significant increase in the minimum breaking strength (load capacity)
  • rapid reduction of the elongation
  • reduced overall diameter of the line
  • Abrasion-resistant surface and thus extends their life

 SCPS (Surface-Closing-Plaid-System)

SCPS is one of the company Lippmann developed method to optimize the surface of a leash for each application, so that a very smooth and continuous outer skin is formed

Delivery in plastic box with

Breaking load 30 to 170kg
Colour white
Length aproxx 100m

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Product name: Cyclone X-trem, Order number: 15857

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