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Dyneema 100m

  • Complete set Dyneema flying line 100m
    High quality and waxed Dyneema line as a finished line with sheathed and spliced ends for best protection and maximum breaking load. Perfect as a light wind line for strong pulling single line kites or show kites!
    from 44,90 € *
  • Complete set Liros D-Pro 100m
    The Liros D-Pro is a high tech Dyneema line with optimized breaking load and best stretch performance. Our complete sets are a perfect light wind line for strong pulling single line kite that are offering minimum diameter with maximum breaking load.
    from 99,00 € *
  • Climax Protec
    Climax Protec
    The Protec is the LONG-LIFE line from Ockert. It offers a perfect quality and is up to 5 times more abrasion resistant than spectra lines. Due to the pre-stretch technology the line has only low stretch.
    from 27,90 € *
  • Climax Profiline
    High power cord from a high-tech fiber. Fine weave, extreme pre-stretched. The line is sealed and polished, very resistant to salt water with UV-blocker in a striking color.
    from 22,90 € *
  • Cyclone X-trem
    Top Dyneema, which is pre-loaded with 90% of their capacity and therefore has little stretch. In addition, the fiber is finished with Fibretec and SCPS.
    from 23,90 € *