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Wolkenstürmer 4-line set Voltage


High quality SK75 dyneema with a striking colour. Precise cut in length, both end sleeved and sewn.

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Item #: 9240015

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

High-grade Dyneema SK75 with striking color, cut precisely, sleeved and stitched ends.

- double pre-stretched
- precise cut
- coated on both sides and sutured
- provided color-coded string ends
- low line diameter for less wind resistance
- extremely low friction and abrasion-resistant sealed
- ready to use on winder
Breaking load 220 / 120kg
Length 4x12m to 4x25m

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Product name: Wolkenstürmer 4-line set Voltage, Order number: 9240015

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