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  • 1-2-Seven
    Colours in Motion
    The 1-2-Seven from Colours in Motion is an entry level kite of the 1st league! Super sturdy and a huge wind range from 1 to 7 Bft. A real highlight!
    43,90 € *
  • Fazer Desert
    Invento HQ
    Fazer Desert
    This all-round Speedkite combines tight loops, high speed, remarkable pull and precision maneuvers into a dynamic fun-package.
    159,90 € *
  • Dust Devil
    Dust Devil
    The Dust Devil is a development of the legendary Devil Wing from Spacekites. Fast, precise, powerful and spinning the Dust Devil is swirling through the sky.
    129,00 € *
  • HQ Nimbus
    Invento HQ
    HQ Nimbus
    The Nimbus feels agile and fast, even in low winds. This flying machine follows an unswerving course through gusts or turbulence, providing responsive control that is appreciated by seasoned pilots and beginners alike.
    69,90 € *
  • Mirage
    The Mirage from Elliot is available in two sizes. The Mirage is a classic kite for speed and power.
    from 175,00 € *
  • Rocket
    The entry level kite for all kiters who want´t it a little bit faster. With it´s unusual design the Rocket is a real eyecatcher.
    55,00 € *
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