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  • U.R.O. 65
    U.R.O. 65
    This cheeky guy is the successor of our legendary Atrax .65. Our new U.R.O. 116’s little brother has its shape and construction – but en miniature!
    69,90 € *
  • Stinger
    Invento HQ
    The Stinger is an entry-level kite which combines a robust construction with quality workmanship. Its direct responses through the lines give pilots perfect control over the kite at all times. Nice loops and good precision will quickly lead to successful
    37,90 € *
  • Cruiser
    Invento HQ
    The Cruiser offers an exceptional introduction into the world of speed kiting. On account of its robust fiberglass rods and its top-quality manufacturing, the Cruiser will survive many crashes without impact on material and function. Take-off is relativel
    65,90 € *
  • Whizz
    Invento HQ
    Whizz is the fastest kite in the HQ range with the potential of becoming a cult classic. This kite's potential for fun is incredible.
    89,90 € *
  • Gladiator 1.8
    Gladiator 1.8
    The smallest Gladiator is very fast and brings you remarkable pull, so that you must have concentration and raection to control it.
    119,00 € *
  • Batkite
    Invento HQ
    The Batkite is back! This silent rocket is a very precise and extremely controllable race kite.
    129,90 € *
  • Jet Stream Speed Reloaded
    Completely redesigned and made for speed, this kite will amaze all pilots, who are searching for speed and precisie flyinThe small Jet Stream variant is made for ultimate speed. No compromises, this kites will challenge you and demands full concentration!
    99,90 € *
  • Jet Stream Reloaded
    The Jet Stream was completely redesingned and is now available as Reloaded version.
    139,90 € *
  • Gladiator 2.4
    Gladiator 2.4
    The Gladiator 2.4 develops power and speed very constant. The kite is very balanced. It is a perfect allround, power and speedkite together in one kite.
    215,00 € *
  • Speedwing X1
    Speedwing X1
    This stunt kite is unique because of its high manoeuvrability, it’s extremely precise controls, even in low winds and its strong pull in high winds.
    46,90 € *
  • X-Celerator
    Invento HQ
    This radical Speed Kite was developed especially for stormy times. It requires the highest attention levels, quick reactions and a strong hand. Beginners should leave it alone.
    119,90 € *
  • Spyder
    Our Spyder is relatively simple to launch and as soon as it has built up some speed it is easy to maneuver. The kite has a good punch even in loops, but it’s yet reliable on the edge of the wind window.
    79,00 € *
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