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Level One Kites

The Merlin is the fun flier from Level One. Unpack - fly - have fun!

Item #: 60117

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Level One wanted to design an easy to fly kite for light and middle winds.

Highly specialised trick kites are often difficult to handle and so they are more frustrating than a fun kite. So Level One updated the "Albatros Design" and brings it to a technically new standard.

The result is a kite which flies at a light breeze and give you a feedback on the flying lines very fast.
In trick flying also as in precision flying the Merlin has a very good-natured flying behavior, so even new pilots will have much fun with this kite.

You will enjoy this kite!

Wing span: 200cm
Wind range: 1 - 4 Bft
Without flying lines ans hand straps
Heigth 103 cm
Ready-to-Fly No
Wingspan 210 cm
Wind range 1 – 4 bft

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Product name: Merlin, Order number: 60117

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