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Jet Stream Strong


The strong is the ultimate powerhouse of the Jet Stream series. Although the kite is huge, the kite has a remarkable flying speed for it´s size and will bring you to sweat.

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Item #: 60041-2

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

The big brother of the Jet Stream. Much more power but also a good precision.

Stackable with Jet Stream and Jet Stream Spped.

Wing span: 280 cm
Wind range: 1,5 - 5 Bft.
Frame: Carbonfiber-tubes
Ready to fly
Rods / Tubes Kohlefaser 8 + 10 mm
Heigth 90 cm
Ready-to-Fly Yes
Wingspan 280 cm
Wind range 1,5 – 5 bft

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Product name: Jet Stream Strong, Order number: 60041-2

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