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  • Buzz
    Invento HQ
    The Buzz captivates through its appearance, ease and size. It appeals to ambitious beginners, who are looking for a predictable and affordable kite. Though it is also the right choice for more advanced pilots, who are not always looking for the wildest tr
    75,90 € *
  • Gladiator 2.4
    Gladiator 2.4
    The Gladiator 2.4 develops power and speed very constant. The kite is very balanced. It is a perfect allround, power and speedkite together in one kite.
    215,00 € *
  • Whizz
    Invento HQ
    Whizz is the fastest kite in the HQ range with the potential of becoming a cult classic. This kite's potential for fun is incredible.
    89,90 € *
  • Batkite
    Invento HQ
    The Batkite is back! This silent rocket is a very precise and extremely controllable race kite.
    129,90 € *
  • Jet Stream Reloaded
    The Jet Stream was completely redesingned and is now available as Reloaded version.
    139,90 € *
  • Jet Stream Strong
    The strong is the ultimate powerhouse of the Jet Stream series. Although the kite is huge, the kite has a remarkable flying speed for it´s size and will bring you to sweat.
    193,50 € *
  • Mirage
    The Mirage from Elliot is available in two sizes. The Mirage is a classic kite for speed and power.
    from 175,00 € *
  • Mirage XL
    Mirage XL
    Due to it´s bigger size the Mirage XL from Elliot gives you more power than the standard Mirage.
    from 235,00 € *
  • Fazer Desert
    Invento HQ
    Fazer Desert
    This all-round Speedkite combines tight loops, high speed, remarkable pull and precision maneuvers into a dynamic fun-package.
    159,90 € *
  • Fazer XL
    Invento HQ
    Fazer XL
    Conceived as a speed and power kite, the Fazer XL impresses with strong pull and breathtaking speed. Extremely maneuverable, this kite can turn on a dime.
    229,90 € *
  • Fazer XXL
    Invento HQ
    Fazer XXL
    The Fazer XXL is impressive by sheer size and commands great respect even among experienced pilots. Tremendous pull and precise handling make this kite a blast to fly.
    399,90 € *
  • Speedwing X3
    Speedwing X3
    This stunt kite is unique because of its high manoeuvrability, it’s extremely precise controls, even in low winds and its strong pull in high winds.
    89,90 € *
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