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  • ONEeleven
    Level One Kites
    The OneEleven can be used as good-natured allround kite, but you can also use it as precision kite.Extreme slow flying and only moderate pull this kite is flying in a wide wind range between 4kmh and 40kmh.
    195,00 € *
  • Jive III
    Invento HQ
    Jive III
    Jive – the name alone already reveals its programme. Now, the Jive III enters the floor as the latest development. And it “dances” more beautifully than ever before.
    94,90 € *
  • New Horizon
    New Horizon
    Full size allround kite with perfect flying characteristics which is a good kite for beginners and experienced pilots.
    139,00 € *
  • Ion
    Invento HQ
    This all-rounder is extremely versatile and multi-talented - high quality, robust, wide wind range and equally suited to both gusty inland winds and strong coastal winds.
    109,90 € *
  • Sportsman
    The Sportsman will challenge the pilot right at the start. It can fly tight loops and corners and is reacting very direct to you steering impulses. If there is enough wind the Sportsman will speed up and gives you a good pull.
    85,00 € *
  • Huntsman II
    Huntsman II
    The Huntsman is a full-size power kite in the tradition of big wings like the Super Sky Dart and similar kites of the early 90’s.
    199,00 € *
  • Nexus
    Prism Kites
    Big enough for real-kite performance, small enough to pack in a suitcase, the Nexus is an adrenaline-filled intro to sport kiting and we know it’ll get you hooked
    75,90 € *
  • Quantum
    Prism Kites
    The ultimate choice for new pilots, the Quantum’s 7-foot wingspan is big enough for serious excitement and designed to make learning a snap.
    119,00 € *
  • Maestro III
    Invento HQ
    Maestro III
    The Maestro III may look similar to its predecessor. But it is a completely redesigned sport kite that delivers the latest in trick flying performance.
    139,90 € *
  • Skydart
    With a new fresh design and an techncal overhaul the Skydart is back again. The uncomplicated flying fun for a price on budget.
    33,90 € *
  • Spyder
    Our Spyder is relatively simple to launch and as soon as it has built up some speed it is easy to maneuver. The kite has a good punch even in loops, but it’s yet reliable on the edge of the wind window.
    79,00 € *
  • Zodarion
    The Zodarion from Spiderkites is a freestyle kite which has also the ability of doing tricks. With it´s special designed bridle the kite is also very good to handle at the edge of the wind window.
    130,00 € *
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