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F-Tail XXL

Colours in Motion

The F-Tail XXL from Colours in Motion is the "big brother" of the smaller F-Tails.

Item #: 50208

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The F-Tail XXL is the biggest of the F-Tail delta line. The name of the deltas comes from the long tails, which are called floating tails. Due to the long tails th F-Tail XXL has a very charming design an impresses with its big size.

Delivery without line, rec. flying line approx. 140kg

Rec. flying line not included, recommended approx. 140kg
Frame material Glass fiber
Size 400x1400cm
Sail material Polyester and soft-taffeta
Wind range 2 to 5 Bft.

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Product name: F-Tail XXL, Order number: 50208

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