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  • Demo Fish Kite 5m
    The Clown fish is polular line laundry on every kite festival. With 5m length it is not small, but nevertheless easy to handle.
    299,00 € *
  • Whale 5m
    229,00 € *
  • Shark Kite 5m
    Caution, it bites! The 5m long shark kite is a bigger line laundry, but nevertheless easy to handle. Roll it up and it fit´s into everybody´s kitebag!
    299,00 € *
  • Killer Whale 8 Ft.
    Premier Kites
    Killer Whale 8 Ft.
    From one of Premier's most prolific designers, Christophe Goy.
    189,00 € *
  • Small Jellyfish
    The small jellyfish kites are an absolute eyecatcher on the beach. They are not to big, so they are also perfect for beginners. The jellyfish kites doesn´t need a lifter kite!
    75,00 € *
  • Tropical Fish Kite 5m
    This tropical fish is really huge and you have to have some experience to fly it! The Skalar is made of Ripstop-Nylon for a long lasting product.
    359,00 € *
  • Tropical Fish Kite 300cm
    The 3m Tropical Fish Kite is an absolute eye catcher due to it´s bright colours. This beautiful line laundry is made of Spinnaker Nylon!
    299,00 € *
  • Whale 10m
    The 10m whale is an absolutely huge kite, so you have to have a little bit experience.The whale has a strong pull and needs a strong lifter kite, e.g. a Power Sled 81 or similar.
    479,00 € *
  • Sea horse 5m
    Line laundry made of Taffeta nylon.
    159,00 € *
  • Sea horse 10m
    Line laundry made of Taffeta nylon.
    339,00 € *
  • Giant Jellyfish
    This jellyfish is giant! Bright colurs makes the sky very colourful and the long tentacles are offering a spectacular flying view. Perfect for the „sky fish tank“!
    479,00 € *