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REV rods EXP 1.5

Revolution Kites

Original rods for Revolution EXP 1.5, available as complete set or single rods. Perfect for building Revolution kites or as replacement.

Leading edge without connector
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Item #: 120900-2

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Delivery time: 1 - 7 days

For repair or DIY.
The original rods of the Revolution 1.5 EXP. Lightweight, carbon fiber wrapped. Vertical strut or leading edge.
The leading edge consists of three bars, the middle bar is equipped with inner sleeves at the ends of carbon fiber-solid material to connect the outer leading edge rods.
Diameter 1/4 inch
Carbon layers 3 Wrap
Material Carbon, wounded

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Product name: REV rods EXP 1.5, Order number: 120900-2

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