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Spinnaker „M-40“


Spinnaker nylon, weight of approx. 44 gr./sqm., usable width 150cm, 16 colors, Scale price!!!

Item #: 10046
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  • 4,00 €

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The spinnaker nylon from Metropolis.
The fabric is coated on one side, has a very smooth surface and a weight of approx. ca 44 gr. / sqm.
The usable width of the fabric is approx ca 150cm. Available in 16 colors
Length of roll 100 yards / 91,4m

Scale price!!!

- Orders up to 100m = 5,90 € / p.m.
- Orders from 100m and more= 4,00 € / p.m.

The colours for the scale price can be mixed up.

Weigth 44gr. / m²
Material Nylon
Usable width approx. 150cm

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Product name: Spinnaker „M-40“, Order number: 10046

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