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Christmas Sale

Finally our Christmas sale items are here.
We have selected best products of all categories for you!
Enjoy great products at fantastic prices!


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  • HQ Pro line kite bag 130cm red
    This new generation of HQ kite bags provide innovative design and a robust finish with a high degree of functionality.
    RRP 79,90 € 59,00 € *
  • Core 94
    MBS Boards
    Core 94
    MBS’ Core 94 is the ideal choice for kiters and mountainboarders who don’t want their riding potential to be limited by the cash in their wallet.
    RRP 359,00 € 269,00 € *
  • Bat 11 ft.
    Premier Kites
    Bat 11 ft.
    Don´t be afraid of this bat. He won´t bite. He just loves to fly around in search of th perfect gust of wind. The bat´s wingtips display a unique flapping action while in flight. With an eleven foot windspan this nocturnal beauty will fly gracefully with
    RRP 89,00 € 70,00 € *
  • Lava III 12.5m²
    The concept of the LAVA was developed to a new level. With the LAVA III Elliot created a perfect intermediate kite with lots of power, traction and fun.
    RRP 974,00 € 689,00 € *
  • Dinosaur excavation set
    Grab the scraper and brush and release your own dinosaur skeleton. The individual parts can then be put together to form a standing model.
    RRP 4,99 € 1,50 € *
  • HQ Powerkites Waist-Harness
    The new "Powerkites Waist Harness" has been developed specifically for boards sports utilizing the latest 30 form technology for a perfect fit.
    RRP 169,00 € 99,00 € *
  • Electra
    The new Electra has now more power. Aspect ratio, bridle and kite profile marking the kite as high performance kite, but the handling of the kite is still easy.
    RRP 679,00 € from 539,00 € *
  • Laima
    Flying Wings
    The Laima is a perfect kite for days with low wind. If there is no wind at all you can fly it as a glider kite and at a slight breeze you can use the Laima as a single line kite.
    RRP 129,00 € 100,00 € *
  • F-Tail XXL rainbow
    Colours in Motion
    F-Tail XXL rainbow
    The F-Tail XXL from Colours in Motion is the "big brother" of the smaller F-Tails.
    RRP 139,00 € 111,00 € *
  • Revolution 1.5 red/white/blue
    An exciting wing with precise control, and wind options. Our Best Value.
    RRP 279,00 € 199,00 € *
  • Bat kite
    The Bat is a colourful perfekt kite for kids. The golden eyes are gleaming in the sunlight. The perfect condition for the Bat is a light to medium wind.
    RRP 11,90 € 8,50 € *
  • Spinnaker leftover package 5 „60D“
    Coated polyester fabric leftover package, weight of approx. 70 gr./sqm, usable width approx. 148cm.
    RRP 66,66 € 40,00 € *
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