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Stuntkiting 3rd edition

The 3rd edition is complete overhauled, new kite models are tested, many tips and tricks are making this book to a standard reference book. A must have for every kite flier! Written in german language! Shipping costs for single orders 2,00 €

Item #: 17181

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Paul May, one of the important representative persons of the german kite scene, opens his box of treasures and is giving a wide view of this fascinating sport for beginners and experts.

Stuntkiting is a rich illustrated book which covers all questions of kite flying. It includes tips of technic, tuning, handling and repair.
The methodic training of freestyle kiting is perfect to learn the basic tricks. Many flying and freestyle tricks are shown on the included DVD.

A "must have" for every kite flier!


- colourful world of kites
Overview of the different kinds of catagorys and types of kites

- assembling and care
Tips for correct assembling and care, for long lasting joy with your kites

- grip systems
Valuable tips about kite lines, attaching lines and flying systems / grips

- flying technique
The basics in a short explanation

- the art of trick flying
An overview of the most important basic tricks, additionally explained on included DVD, so beginners are able to learn the basics very easy

- flying in extreme conditions
Explanation of the differenzes of flying in low and high wind

- speedkiting, powerkiting, foil kites
Many tips, buying advise and technique

- stacking kites and team flying
How to fly and stack kites, also a short view in how to fly as team

- building kites
From the sail over reinforcements to frames and connectors, on this pages everything is explained very well

- lines and knots
Not only a buying advise, also a look an the materials. Instruction how to make your own line set. Storage and knot knowledge are completing this chapter

- bridle
How is a bridle working, which purpose has the bridle? How can you adjust it and how can you make the bridle even better?
All this questions are managed in this chapter.

- kite tuning
Many tips to get the last our of your kite.
From tuning with weight over YoYo stoppers, shields and leaders, everything explained simple.

- kite fixing
Kite damaged? This is also no problem. Holes in the sail or broken rods are repaired fast with the help of this chapter.

- useful and beautiful equipment
In this chapter items are shown which are making kite fliers life easier

- 50 actual kites in a portrait
50 kites in a short test, from entry kites to speed- or power kites and trick machines... This chapter offers a kite for everyone

The included DVD makes the package complete with many videos

Written in german language

Content 272 pages, 689 pictures, incl. DVD with 90 min play time

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Product name: Stuntkiting 3rd edition, Order number: 17181

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