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Hoffmanns Small Lampion

Invento HQ

Hoffmanns Giant Lampion impresses not only by its size and timeless elegance, but also by its brilliant play of sunlight and shade.

Item #: 913002-1

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Made of translucent and fade-resistant ripstop polyester, Hoffmanns Giant Lampion impresses not only by its size and timeless elegance, but also by its brilliant play of sunlight and shade. Hoffmanns Giant Lampion requires no further assembly and comes with a swivel included. Collapsed as flat as a disk, the Giant Lampion unfolds its seven rings like an accordion when it is suspended from a porch or patio. Sails between the rings make the Giant Lampion spin even in the slightest breeze. Hoffmanns Giant Lampion offers versatile possibilities for presentation. Mounted under a porch, the Giant Lampion elegantly and majestically rotates around its center. Suspended from a telescopic flag pole, the Giant Lampion will gracefully spin and dance in the wind. Illuminated with customary LED lights (not included), Hoffmanns Giant Lampion will create an amazing and magical light effect in the dark.

Diameter 48cm
Heigth 104cm

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Product name: Hoffmanns Small Lampion, Order number: 913002-1

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