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  • Core 94
    MBS Boards
    Core 94
    MBS’ Core 94 is the ideal choice for kiters and mountainboarders who don’t want their riding potential to be limited by the cash in their wallet.
    359,00 € *
  • Comp 95
    MBS Boards
    Comp 95
    The Comp 95 is MBS’ most versatile board, suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners looking for a board they won’t outgrow to seasoned riders pushing the boundaries of the sport on a daily basis.
    489,00 € *
  • T3 Tyres
    MBS Boards
    T3 Tyres
    Spare tires for MBS boards. Also as attractive offer of 4 pieces set. Without tube!
    16,90 € *
  • Rockstar II Hub
    MBS Boards
    Rockstar II Hub
    Spare rim for MBS baords. Also as attractive offer of 4 pieces set.
    56,00 € *