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Handlebars / Bars

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  • Wolkenstürmer Harness Line Fix
    Simple solution to connect 2-line handlebars to a harness. With safety quick release.
    17,90 € *
  • Peter Lynn Cross Over Bar
    Peter Lynn Kites
    Peter Lynn Cross Over Bar
    The Cross over bar is built for riders looking for more control while riding their fixed bridle foil. It is designed to give the pilot an extra edge where it comes to controlling the kite in terms of power and steering.
    149,00 € *
  • Wolkenstürmer Cross-Over Bar
    The cross-over technique allows you to attach fixed bridle kites as the Spiderkites Mono or the Wolkenstürmer Striker to a kitebar.
    65,00 € *
  • Peter Lynn 4-line Powerkite Bar
    The 4-line powerkite bar lets you fly your 4-line bridled foil with ease. This bar design allows you to fly the kite with precise control and good kite response.
    59,90 € *
  • HQ X-Over Safetybar
    HQ Powerkites
    HQ X-Over Safetybar
    The HQ safety bar is ideal for flying 4 line kites with a bar.
    109,90 € *
  • Wolkenstürmer Quadbar
    Wolkenstürmer Quadbar
    The quadbar from Wolkenstürmer is made to control four line powerkites. The two handles are replaced with the bar and the control of power- and brakeline is perfect combined.
    75,00 € *
  • Buster Soulfly Control Bar
    An effective control bar designed by the German brand "PKD", for their kite "Buster Soulfly", but that will adapt as well to any four line landpowerkites.
    34,90 € *
  • Leashline HQ Powerkites
    HQ Powerkites
    Leashline HQ Powerkites
    This new HQ leash line sets new standards kite safety. This is the first leash line to offer an individually adjustable release force that can be increased or decreased depending on the demands of the rider.
    39,90 € *
  • Ozone Long Safety Leash
    Leashline incl. Quickrelease
    33,00 € *
  • Ozone Short Safety Leash
    Leashline incl. Quickrelease
    25,00 € *
  • Handlebar Elliot
    2-line kite handlebar with rubber coating. With winder function.
    17,90 € *
  • Handlebar Wolkenstürmer
    Handlebar Wolkenstürmer
    2-line kite handlebar with rubber coating. With winder function.
    16,90 € *
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